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Bastei mountains

The Bastei is the most frequented and well known destination in Saxon Switzerland. All of our guests are impressed of the diversity of the beautiful nature and the unique view from the Bastei bridge, 194 m above the river Elbe. In front of us, there are impressive table-top mountains, wooded rocks and freestanding rock faces. We can see the river Elbe that weaves in wide curves. The river valley gives us only an idea of the heavy erosion power which was necessary to create the considerable differences in altitude. Like a model railway, train and paddle steamer drive through the valley of the river Elbe. In the Bastei area there are a lot of things you can discover. A few things we would like to present on this page. Further information you can find on the following homepage

Bastei bridge
  • Already in 1821 a wooden bridge had been constructed to link several rocks for the visitors. This bridge was replaced in 1851 by the present Bastei Bridge made from sandstone. Today it is protected as a technical monument.

Felsenburg Neurathen
  • This ancient castle ruin from the 13th century is embedded into the sandstone formations of the Bastei area. In 1984 it had been reconstructed for visitors.

  • Impressive watercascades of 10 metres height.

  • ‘The holes of the Swedes’ are a hiking trail with 700 steps from the Bastei to Rathen built in 1886.

Felsenbühne Rathen
  • The open-air theatre, established in 1936, offers a wide range of productions covering opera, drama, children's plays as well as concerts of different genres to its audience
  • For booking tickets please contact the hotel reception.
  • further information you can find here:


  • This man-made lake of 600 metres is situated beneath the Bastei Mountains.
  • During the summer season taking boat trips is a popular activity to enjoy the loveliness of Saxon Switzerland.


Steinerner Tisch
  • The stony table and its stony chairs were installed in 1710. During those years, August II the Strong loved to have picnics here while going animal hunting.

Uttewalder Grund
  • This legendary, romantic gorge with a hiking trail leads to the impressive and famous ‘Felsentor’.

Miniature park "Small Saxon Switzerland"

Church of Lohmen
  • This church, one of the most beautiful and biggest rural churches in Saxony, was built in 1786/89 in the "Frauenkirche" of Dresden style.
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